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Sultan Lounge & Coronavirus

Social distancing is a new way of life in the UK and all businesses have to comply with government guidelines for the prevention of future outbreaks.

At Sultan Lounge we are continuing the use of disposable pipes indefinatly


You must adhere to these rules anyone found not observing the rules will be asked to leave and their membership will be revoked

You must book in advance ( Shisha only) restaurant open to the public.

Please allow security to take your temperature before you enter. If above 37c you will not be allowed to enter the lounge for your safety and others.

You must wash your hands on arrival and dispose of any gloves you have worn outside.

You must sign in your details at the bar no matter how many times you visit.

You must register your vehicle on the screen at the bar. 

Please pay with contactless payments if possible.

Please keep your disposable pipe with you as we cannot store them due to hygiene.

Please observe the NO HATS NO SUNGLASSES NO HOODIES rule.

You must provide ID if and when asked.

DO NOT share your Shisha pipe (1 pipe per person).

Please be mindful of others around you especially when visiting the washrooms.

Please sanitise your hands before leaving.

Please be aware that Hand-washing facilities are available as well as hygiene stations. Please make sure you wash and sanitise your hands on entering the lounge and on leaving




Sultan Lounge 

Enfield Rd

Islington Row Middleway

Birmingham B15 1QA

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