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So, we have had some negative reviews and just wanted to talk about what has been going on at sultan lounge. Firstly, I would like to thank all the customers who rated us positively and gave us some lovely reviews. I really appreciate all the photos, reviews, and the lovely shout outs by name.

Now to the negatives, I would like to address a few issues and I am going to point out the most negatives that people have reviewed us on.

1. We are racist:

I find it bizarre the number of times people have said that about us when we have so many customers of different colours, religions, and backgrounds. Never have we judged anyone by the colour of their skin. We are people of colour too, so it seems unfair to judge someone in that way. Our staff are of all backgrounds, and we are proud to say we have staff from all over the world working for us.

2. We don't have membership:

When we opened in 2017, we had a membership policy for every customer, but when the pandemic kicked in, we closed sultan for 18 months. After we reopened, we decided to freeze the current policy regarding membership & allow any member of the public in, but the previous members would always be given priority over nonmembers.

So, when we didn't allow certain groups in, we were classed as racist or if tables where reserved and we couldn't offer them again we would get tagged with the same label. I am terribly sorry if people feel that was the case and we have changed our approach to explaining to people and making sure they understand it has nothing to do with who they are.

3. Staff are arrogant & rude:

We have had a complete change of all staff, and we take customer service very seriously. I would advise if any customer were upset, they must approach management as no unruly behavior will be tolerated by staff or customers. We run with the moto of

"Respect us and we will respect you" Our staff are here to serve you and to offer you the best service possible, but sometimes things go wrong, wires get crossed & results in losing valuable customers, upset staff & negative reviews. I would request any customer who is upset and has an issue to approach management to resolve the issue without delay instead of leaving a negative review without giving us a chance to resolve the issue.

4. Inadequate quality of food:

Our meat, fruit & vegetables are delivered fresh daily, and are stored under the correct conditions as per government standards. We hold 5-star food hygiene rating & take food complaints extremely seriously. We have a set standard of prepping food, so all chefs follow the same recipe to make sure all food is consistent no matter who is working. Sometimes the chefs get it wrong, and contacting management asap is important as we have had many occasions where customers will eat & leave not say anything and then leave a review which isn't fair as we haven't had a chance to rectify the issue, exchange the meal or refund the customer so please we ask you contact management straight away.

5. Too many rules:

We must accommodate a lot of different customers. Our main customers are older people who come to play dominos, cards, or backgammon. They don't appreciate loud music or entertainment. Our lounge is very traditional and quiet. It's not to everyone's taste and we are classed as boring at times, but sultan is a family run business designed with families in mind. Hence, we follow a strict protocol on not disturbing others. A lot of our customers use our outside space for work, and we must respect the fact they could be in meetings etc. Please check before coming to sultan because if you are looking for place with music and entertainment you will not find it here and customers leave negative reviews for no atmosphere, we are sorry for this as our regular long-term customers enjoy the peace and quiet.

We thank each one of our customers regardless of the feedback for their custom and we hope that if you choose to chill with us, you have a positive experience and if anything is wrong or you are not happy, please give us a chance to rectify it before leaving feedback.

Thank you

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