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Want to say SORRY 🙏🏼

Firstly guys I want to apologise to all the customers that have messaged me on here and never got a response. I whole heartedly apologise as since Covid things have been up in the air but I promise I will answer all your questions asap and make sure you all have a fab experience at sultan.

Here are some common answers to some popular questions.

Our opening times are displayed on Google and are up to date. Mon-Fri 10am - 2am Sat-Sun 12pm - 2am

Holidays, religious occasions & bank holiday hours are updated regularly on Google and on all social media platforms.

Our memberships are currently frozen due to Covid so please do check for busy times before you pop in as historic members will always be given priority. And as soon as memberships are unfrozen I will shout about it.

Our menu is on our website

Restaurant is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Including snacks and homemade desserts.

ID required for Shisha please don't be offended if we ask take it as a compliment.

Not currently hiring but if you are interested and have experience and want to join the mad house please email your CV to

We are 100% halal

We do not serve alcohol

You can pre arrange "bring your own" with the Boss for a special occasion so long as you take the bottles with you as we do not offer corkage.

So pop in and give us a try and do give us feed back we love to hear your views.

Will be offering business what's app chat soon for faster responses so please be patient:)

Thank you all ♥️

Please add us on

Facebook, twitter, Snapchat, Instagram & Threads

All under "Sultan Lounge UK"


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