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Getting ready to reopen & relaunch

Well its been a crazy ride we have been closed for over 3 months due to the coronavirus pandemic that hit the world bringing us all to our knees. We realised that the power from above is certainly no competition for us. So we have sat at home and managed to catch up with everything we needed to. We have refurbished the whole lounge and Jabar has made it bigger somehow the man has no end to his talents. We all managed to get some rest and catch up on 3 years worth of TV and dramas I think we are ready to rock and roll again.

So we are planning to open our doors on the 4th July 2020 Ins Sha Allah (God willing) and with lots of crazy rules, regulations and social distancing we have had to put in place we are going to try and restore some normality back into life.

We will open with just our current members only, as memberships have been frozen due to capacity issues (so sorry) but hopefully as things get better we can start opening up membership again. I know people et frustrated but you have to understand turning people away is hard for us too that means we are loosing money, but unfortunately rules are rules and I'm not prepared to break them so patience is the key. Go to the website and leave your details and I will get back to you as soon as we have guidance to do so.

We have dedicated a page to COVID 19 on our website please be sure to read it before you book a smoke slot. We have lots of exciting new terms like "Bubbles" "Couple Bubbles" and "foot slam" ...... No Hugs No Handshakes...... but elbow bumps are allowed :)

Anyway I shall keep you all posted with what's going on so keep popping back and see you all soon.

<3 Ozzy x

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