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The Viral Dubai Chocolate Bar

So we have the viral Dubai chocolate bar now in stock. Made in house with the finest of ingredients and with love. We have 3/4 different sizes to suit everyone’s budget and lots of flavours to choose from. Also making personalised chocolate bars for birthdays and gifts.

So run and grab yours. Join in the TikTok trend and show off your bar!



Pistachio Kunafa

Biscoff Kunafa

Peanut butter Kunafa

Nutella kunafa

Hazelnut Kunafa


Love Bites

Love Bar

Diamond Slab

Waffle Slab

Choco Brick

Personalised Kunafa Coin

Kunafa Cake Slab

dont miss out HURRY you won’t be disappointed ♥️

“Habibi come to sultan” 😂

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