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Ozzy Special Wrap

So one day I was extremely bored and decided to play in the kitchen and see if I could mess with flavours and create something weird and wonderful. So I sneaked in as the chefs changed over shifts and went for the ”Batata Hara” this dish is my all time favourite it’s great for vegetarians and even vegans. Popped it on a wrap. It’s a bit spicy but I love the flavours of potato and peppers with chilli. So then I thought it’s a bit early for chilli so let’s cool it down a bit and spotted some feta cheese and crumbled it on top, I spotted the chef coming and quickly threw some leftover chicken on there wrapped it up and ran! I sat down and got busy and didn’t even get a chance to try my weird combo creation.

Then my mate dilan comes up chatting to me and says “what you eating” I said “try it I don’t know I rustled it up”. We both grabbed half a wrap each and took a bite...... then we looked into each other’s eyes and went OMG it was so good that we both stood there in silence and swallowed away! Ever since then the “Ozzy Special” is served on the down low not many know about it But when then do they are HOOKED.... chk it out ♥️

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